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In the last few years, the world has gone through a lot and so have you. We were impacted on a psychological, emotional, and economical level. You might have felt disorientation along with high levels of anxiety when confronted with a constantly changing and uncertain world.

Having this in mind, it's important to give yourself the chance to reboot your system in a good state of clarity, health, and well-being to see what comes next.

I AM Adriana

I believe that The Creative Process can open a world of possibilities. My purpose is to introduce you or re-connect you to your own creativity (even if you think that you don't have it). What happens after that is for you to discover...

I'm not a coach, I'm not a teacher, I'm not an artist. I'm an Experience Designer & Consultant and I'll serve you as a mirror, walk beside you and put some resources at your disposal so you can play, explore or discover what you need at this moment to go wherever you decide to go".

Despite the uncertainty of a constantly changing environment, My Way offers you or your company the tools to clarify or re-define personal and professional projects, considering your desires, passions, skills and current capacities.

If you are interested in a specific project for you, your company or teamwork, we can also tailor a  customized Experience that suits your needs. 

30 years of professional experience endorse me.

Experience Design and Consultancy

Why Italy?

Florence, Italy is the cradle of Art and the Renaissance period during the 15th and 16th centuries, which was based on a human-centered philosophy. Today you can apply this ancient wisdom guided by professional friends and partners who will teach you how to use these tools for whatever reason that brings you here.

Why is this important? Because our body needs to generate the optimal bio-chemistry to achieve its proper balance. Some of this chemistry comes from the food we eat, some from the exercise we do and a good night's sleep. But our mental and emotional health are also important to give us the right tools

for good decision making, empathy, adaptation, patience and so much more to navigate our lives with lightness and joy.

The word Creativity comes from the Latin term "Creare". I like Lise Bourbeau's definition: "Creativity is

the expression of your individuality"; it's just a matter of letting it all out.


We all practiced the Arts when we were kids. We used to wonder, imagine, express ourselves, and have fun at the same time,

and for some reason, some of us mistakenly stopped. We can find that again! Through

my own experience, I discovered that the creative process is essential for our development as human beings.

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