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Image by Luca Micheli

The Experience

These are the different categories that we can play with to tailor an

experience ideally suited to you or your group.

You'll need to choose at least two categories, one of them must be

 Artistic Practice, Cooking in Mamma Mía, or Art Therapy to introduce you 

or re-connect you to a Creative Practice.

The amount of time is key for your process.

The cost will depend on the result of our design phase.

It all starts with a conversation between us, and then

we create your experience!

Artistic Practice

In a 16th-Century building located right in the center of Florence, in a unique Bottega D’Arte Fiorentina inspired by a real workshop from the Renaissance period, you can Experiment with the ancient and modern techniques of the Visual Arts.


For groups we can also provide Art Workshops in beautiful premises in the Tuscan countryside.



You can enrich exponentially your Art practice by adding into your experience other courses about Italian History or Art History. With these, you can Explore the real places where historic events occurred in the city of Florence and other cities & towns nearby.

Naure & Movement

Nature & Movement

Even the Tuscan landscapes will have a role in your experience as we know what nature

can bring into our body and mind.

You Expand all your senses when you exercise all'aperto, hike, or do Nordic Walking in beautiful valleys, or learn to cultivate antique and classical roses or get lost while you

play in a gorgeous natural labyrinth.

As you walk and breathe, even meditate

 your body and mind will reach

an optimal state of well-being.

Mamma mia!

"Mamma mia!"

No game is fun when the body doesn’t get what it needs to perform well.


Delight yourself with the culinary part of the experience trying some great Tuscan recipes and wines whether you learn how to cook them or simply by visiting great non-touristic restaurants that will blow your mind. And yes, you deserve this too!

Energy Practices

Art Therapy & Energy Practice

If you need to go further within yourself, you can deep dive into your emotional space and work with Art Therapy or other energy practices.


This could help you accelerate and give your body and mind what ever they need to reach an optimal balance.

Art Therapy can also be delivered in Online sessions.


Consulting Services

Independent of your Experience, if you need to develop a personal or professional project, career development plan, or team workshop, I’ll be glad to assist you with Consulting Services where I can share with you 28 years of work experience and a life full of surprises.

Let's play! The Game Rules are simple:

  • Be open to anything

  • Remember that either Artistic Practice, Cooking, or Art Therapy is for every experience, you choose the other categories.

  • Relax and enjoy

  • This begins with a conversation between us. You start it and I'll take it from there. See you soon!

Starting on:  22 - 02 - 2022 


Image by Faruk Kaymak

"The purpose in life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience!”
—Eleanor Roosevelt

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