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These are the different categories that we can play with

to tailor an experience ideally suited to you or your group.

You'll need to choose at least two categories, one of them must be  Artistic Practice, Cooking in Mamma Mía, or Art Therapy to introduce you or re-connect you to a Creative Practice.

The amount of time is key for your process.
The cost will be determined in our design phase.

It all starts with a conversation between us, and then we tailor your experience!

Artistic Practice

This is the backbone of the Experience.

We will experiment with some techniques of Visual Arts in a Bottega D'Arte Fiorentina (Florentine Art Workshop) inspired by a real workshop of the Renaissance period. (No previous experience required).

Woodworking is also an option in Oltrarno, the unique Artisan neighborhood in Florence.


Italian Culture

We will explore the city  and certain representative places with History of Florence and Art History lessons to bring a historical context to the Artistic Practices that we’ll do during the Experience. 

We also include in our programs guided visits to cities and towns nearby to extend the regional context  of Tuscany.

Naure & Movement

Nature & Movement

To breathe some fresh air and nurture our body we’ll let nature do its thing by going for a walk with the Nordic Walking technique outside the city center. 

On other occasions we can go to the Garden of Roses of Maria Giulia Cimarelli to learn about their  cultivation and care in a magical place to relax and enjoy.  Otherwise, we can play in the Natural Labyrinth of the Florentine Eco-Artist Marina Calamai created to celebrate Mother Nature and its sustainability.

"Mamma mia!"

The activities in this category are to expand our senses by delighting ourselves with different smells and flavors through our culinary practice. Everyone around the world knows that “In Italia si mangia! e si mangia bene.“ 

And because  we are in the middle of the Chianti Region, some of our experiences already include a wine tasting session in their program.

Naure & Movement

Art Therapy

With this category, we seek to play and express through Art all the possible sensations

involved in important life processes.

It invites us to get in touch with our present moment and to connect within through the use of Art.

Creativity in this context becomes a fundamental tool that gives us the opportunity to take risks, to experiment and play at the same time.

Consulting Services

Independent of your Experience, if you need to develop a personal or professional project, career development plan, or team workshop, I’ll be glad to assist you with Consulting Services where I can share with you 30 years of work experience and a life full of surprises.

Let's play! The Game Rules are simple:

  • Be open to anything

  • Remember that either Artistic Practice, Cooking, or Art Therapy is for every experience, you choose the other categories.

  • Relax and enjoy

  • This begins with a conversation between us. You start it and I'll take it from there. See you soon!


Transformative travel is intentionally traveling to stretch, learn and grow into new ways of being and engaging in the world.

Foto_Transformative_Travel04 (1).webp

Transformative travel teaches the individual to become a stronger, more expressive, and respectful traveler with the capacity to encourage others to move forward consciously.


This form of tourism couples experiential travel with the concept of self-growth, mindfulness, and personal discovery.


The goal is to positively transform and enhance the traveler’s life by gaining a deeper understanding and meaning through immersing in a new culture.


Therefore we want you to notice that My Way Experiences is not a Travel Agency or Events planner other than the ones that fulfill My Way Experiences core business.

We are a Collaborative Network of Artists, Artisans, People and Institutions who are excited to share our renowned experience and all our knowledge to make the most of every Experience.
My Way Experiences: Art Lessons
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