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Walk Your Way
in Florence, Italy.

"I believe that everyone is able to

improve the quality of their life in

anyway, anywhere and anytime."


Welcome to
My Way Experiences

I invite you to know more about the 3

key components to overcome personal barriers with the power of The Creative Process by living an Experience

through Transformative travel.

And let me share with you how

they helped me to boost my life

to live it to its fullest.

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My Way Experiences is a holistic set of creative and enhancing practices in

Florence, Tuscany oriented to the process of creativity for decision-making while

you relax and have fun at the same time.



By practicing the Arts on a regular basis in any of its forms - whether we are artists or not - we can apply concepts

to our lives like: the relationship between chaos and structure,  perspective, acceptance, self-confidence, patience,

dealing with uncertainty, focus among others. It’s a great training method that can improve our well-being through a more clear and coherent state of mind.

Art Immersion

Reconnect with your
own creativity.
Reset Experience

Get your life back on track or 
start a new one.

Rebirth. Reinvent yourself or
launch a new project.


If you are part of a group that deals with tight schedules, aggressive business objectives, goals to meet, but not feeling a meaningful impact in the world. Or you and your team are searching for a call that combines passion, coherence and contributes to the well being of you and others…



…give us the opportunity to unlock the emotional benefits of artistic expression, merging creativity and self-discovery with a set of activities planned for your teamwork or company. 

Our specialty is Experience Design!


"Last year, my mother passed away, and my only son left to study college 3,000 miles away. I decided to keep myself busy at work, until I realized I was missing something more fundamental. My identity as daughter, mother and caregiver had changed, I needed to feel my emotions at a deeper level and understand how I wanted to live this new life. Through a very thoughtful process, Adriana helped me with my grieving process at the same time that I explored different expressions of art, cuisine, culture, exercise with highly qualified and caring instructors, in the most amazing city. I left with a smile in my soul, a new sense of who I am and my new purpose in life. I am very grateful to Adriana and the whole team for this reset experience."

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Nora, USA.

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