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Walk Your Way

Clarify and reshape your decisions, your business, your life.

Image by Ahmed Mansour

I AM Adriana

I believe that The Creative Process can open a world of possibilities. My purpose is to introduce you or re-connect you to your own creativity (even if you think that you don't have it). What happens after that is for you to discover...

I'm not a coach, I'm not a teacher, I'm not an artist. I'm an Experience Designer & Consultant and I'll serve you as a mirror, walk beside you and put some resources at your disposal so you can play, explore or discover what you need at this moment to go wherever you decide to go".


Join The Experience


I invite you to explore Your Way,

to experiment with certain

activities that can guide you into a coherent state.

Image by Van Williams

My Way is a holistic set of creative and enhancing practices in Tuscany oriented to the process of creativity for decision-making while you relax and have fun at the same time.


"I have been studying techniques of self-awareness, self-care, and self-expression for about 10+ years and recently, due to my corporate job, I encountered a strong need to do a hard stop, reset my mind, jumpstart again my creativity and get rid of any patterns that are no longer aligned to how I want to lead my life. My Way was a wonderful creative journey to do just that. It brought me from an overworked and stressful lifestyle to a place of peace, creative inspiration, and joy in only a few weeks. Everyone should take this experience as part of a health journey and self-care holistic approach. It is invaluable."

Eren, USA

"Adriana's most precious ability is to see your creative and professional strengths very clearly, even when you have lost sight of them! For an eclectic person like me, there's always a professional risk of dispersion of energy. She is helping me to combine all my different skills in a single organic project, totally tailored for me around both my professional and personal lifestyles, in an original and creative way. She is able to apply her great training and marketing experience according to your times and your possibilities, and the results are inevitable. In this moment of general uncertainty, nothing better could have happened to me for my business and for my life."

Vania, Italy.

"Adriana is an amazing host; she curated the program with love and passion paying a lot of attention to the details and making sure we had the best experience. My Way was an unexpected experience in an amazing city like Florence, I highly recommend this program or any other that Adriana hosts, she is a warranty of exceptional service and content."

Eli, USA

"An incredibly inspiring experience!!"

Mari C., Spain
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